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All of our parent dogs can be traced back to AKC registered ancestors within one to six generations.  They are very well health tested in order to give them the best possible opportunity for a long, healthy and happy life.  Testing includes hips, elbows, patellas (knees), annual ophthalmic eye exam and thyroid, PRA and vWD testing.  Copies of parents health testing will be provided to all puppy purchasers.  


Cottage Grove Breyer Rose "Breyer"

F2 Cockapoo

Breyer is such a cutie that looks so much like her daddy Rocky, only chocolate!  She is friendly and outgoing and LOVES to play!  She is looking for her very own local guardian family. She has passed health testing and we can't wait for her to become a momma for us!

Color - bbEe (Chocolate Phantom)

Size - 16 inches, 25 lbs

DOB - 5/17/17

  • PennHIP - .43 R / .47 L
  • OFA Hips - Fair
  • OFA Elbows - Normal
  • Patellas - Normal
  • Cardio - Normal
  • CAER - PPM iris to iris - left
  • PRA - pending
  • vWD - pending
  • EIC - pending
  • IC - pending


Sugar and Spice Rocky Road "Rocky"

    Cockapoo - ACC  SUALSO1423 1

    This cutie pie joined us in May 2014 after passing his initial health testing and is all grown up!  Rocky is a third generation cockapoo/spoodle.  Rocky is very playful, loves meeting people and dogs and loves a quick cuddle.  He will be about 16 inches and 25 lbs when full grown. He lives with his very own local guardian home.

    Color - BbEe (Tri colored, carries cream and chocolate)

    Size - 16 inches, 25 lbs

  • PennHIP -  .35/.44 60%
  • OFA Hips - Prelim Good
  • OFA Elbows - Prelim Normal
  • Patellas - Normal
  • Cardio - Normal
  • CAER - Normal
  • Thyroid - Normal
  • PRA - Clear
  • vWD - Clear
  • EIC - Clear
  • DM - Clear
  • IC - Carrier

Cottage Grove Coffee Bean "Bean"

Cockapoo - ALAA-065793

Bean is a playful, cuddly, active and wiggly little guy!  We are so excited to add Bean to our breeding program!  Bean is a 2nd generation cockapoo who will help us keep genetic diversity in our lines.  Bean is an excellent daddy who loves his job!!!

Color - bbEE (chocolate phantom)

Size - 15 inches, 22 lbs

  • PennHip - .34/.33
  • OFA Hip Prelim - Excellent
  • OFA Elbow Prelim - Normal
  • Patella - Normal
  • CAER - Normal
  • Cardiac - Normal
  • vWD - Clear
  • PRA - Clear
  • DM - Clear
  • EIC - Clear
  • PFK - Clear
  • IC - Clear  


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