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All of our breeding dogs either live with us or guardian homes.  Guardian homes are local families who provide loving homes to our breeding and potential breeding dogs so they don't need to be rehomed in the future.  You get the best of the best...our pick of the litter puppy!  They live with their guardian home forever and come back to Cottage Grove Acres to be health tested, bred and raise their puppies.  If you are local and are interested in being a guardian home, please contact us at for additional information.  

Guardian Home Responsibilities

  • Live within 2 hours of Osseo, WI or our reproductive vet
  • Deliver dog to Cottage Grove Acres as requested for health testing, photo shoots, delivery of litter, etc.
  • Physically fenced yard
  • Flexible schedule (work no more than 4 hours/day, work from home or bring puppy to work daily)
  • Keep intact female and male dogs away from each other
  • Do not allow male dogs to breed any female dogs
  • At least two training and pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test
  • Notify us immediately when female goes into season
  • Visit us periodically to ensure the female is comfortable here during whelping time

Females have a maximum of four litters, while males are breeders up to their seventh birthday. The cost of a guardian puppy is $500.  Females receive a thank you of $25 per health puppy born.  Males receive a thank you of $100 per breeding in which you deliver the male to Cottage Grove Acres or our reproductive vet.  The thank you's are contingent upon passing the CGC test with your guardian dog.  

Breyer is looking for her very own local guardian home.