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Past Litter - April x Lyric - 8/13/14

April x Lyric


We are so excited about April's first litter for us with Lyric!  She is so sweet and loving and a little goofy and is a wonderful Momma!  Lyric is a happy go lucky kind of boy.  We expect these puppies to be very sweet, happy and athletic.  

April'delivered a beautiful litter of four puppies on August 13!  

If you are interested in a puppy from us, we highly recommend reserving a puppy from an upcoming litter by submitting an application and deposit as most of our puppies are sold in advance of being born.

Breed:  F1 Cockapoos

Puppies Born:  August 13, 2014

Go Home Date:  October 8 2014

Colors Expected:  Black and Chocolate

Size Expected:  Approx. 18-25 lbs

Breed: F1 Cockapoos

Price: $2,000 plus sales tax

Week 8 - We are all heading home this week and can't wait to meet our new families!


Week 7 - We will be going home to our families in about a week...can't wait for all our new adventures!


Week 6 - The puppies get to meet their families this weekend!!!


Week 5 - Everyone is active and starting to enjoy the outdoors!


Week 3 - All the puppies are starting to crawl around and play with their littermates. 


Week 2 - Everyone is starting to open their eyese and ears! 


Week 1 - They are all growing and gaining weight.  April is such a good momma!


Newborn - Welcome to the world little ones!