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Past - Rosie x Dunkin

Rosie x Dunkin


Rosie and Dunkin had a wonderful litter of 6 puppies!

This litter is being raised by our friends at Nestlewood Labradoodles.  We co-own Rosie with Nestlewood Labradoodles.  This litter is fully booked until the puppies have been evaluated at 7 weeks for breeding prospects!

In addition, we will be looking for a guardian home for a female or male puppy from this litter.  Guardians must live within an hour of Osseo, WI or our reproductive vet in Chippewa Falls, WI.

Breed:  F1b Cockapoos

Puppies DOB:  November 20, 2015

Go Home Date:  January 16, 2016

Size Expected:  Approx. 30-35 lbs

Litter Raised in NH.

Price: $2,000

Litter Reservations:

  1. Breeder Female/Male - NL - Emerald Girl
  2. Breeder Female/Male - BCL - Pink Girl
  3. Breeder Female/Male - NL - Khaki Boy
  4. Breeder Female/Male - BCL - Red Girl
  5. Fabi-Liebler - Blue Boy
  6. Paine - Purple Girl

Week 8 - We begin our new adventures with our forever families this week!




Week 6 - We LOVE all our recent visitors!



Week 3 - We are getting more mobile and active by the day!  




 Day 11 - We are opening our eyes and starting to explore our world around us!