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Current - Coffee x Rocket

Coffee x Rocket

Accepting 1 application for this litter!

This is Coffee's retirement litter and our only litter for 2018.  Now is your chance!!

Breed:  F1b Cockapoos

DOB:  January 7, 2018

Go Home Date:  March 4, 2018

Colors:  Black, Cream, Apricot and Parti

Size Expected:  Approx. 15-20 lbs

Litter Raised in WI.  Hand delivery anywhere in the US.

Price: $2,000 plus sales tax or delivery fee

Litter Reservations:

  1. Lime Boy - Jenkins (WI)
  2. Lilac Girl - Joslin-White (RI)
  3. Raspberry Girl - Doeringsfeld (WI)
  4. Gray Boy - Paulson (MN)
  5. Black Boy - Zimmerman (CT)
  6. Blue Boy - Gerber (WI)
  7. Green Boy - OPEN
  8. Red Boy - LeMieur (MN)


They are growing like weeds and are already 5.5 weeks old!

Look at these cuties at 2.5 weeks old!